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PENED - 2003 Program for the Support of Research


Entrepreneur : National Technical University of Athens (NTUA) - Academic Institute.

Project Title :   Hardware/Software Co-design using High Level Synthesis Techniques, with focus on Pattern Recognition and Artificial Intelligence Applications

Hardware/Software Co-design Team

This team deals with the design of a hardware system that is used for the execution of applications based on the hybrid (declarative - procedural) programing model. This system is based on attribute grammars. The hardware realization of these applications aims at the execution speed optimization.

XOR Minimization Team

This team deals with the formulation and realization of minimization techniques for logic expressions and, in particular, for ESOP (Exclusive-or Sum Of Product terms) and mainly ESCT (Exclusive-or Sum Of Complex Terms) expressions which can be easily and efficiently mapped to FPGAs. Furthermore, the application of such expressions in reversible and quantum circuits is considered.

This work has been funded by the project PENED 2003. This project is part of the OPERATIONAL PROGRAMME “COMPETITIVENESS” and is co-funded by the European Social Fund (80%) and National Resources (20%).